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Zone Healing was developed by Dr. Thurman Fleet in San Antonio, TX during the 1930s. Dr. Fleet’s work classifies the human body into six systems: GLANDULAR, ELIMINATIVE, NERVOUS, DIGESTIVE, MUSCULAR, and CIRCULATORY, as determined by the principles of neurology and brain function.  Each system is controlled by specific neurological associations in the brain and brainstem.

Zone Healing is based on the premise that all disease and discomfort can be attributed to a disturbance in one or more of these six systems or “zones.” A disturbance within one of these systems alters the brain’s ability to direct the system to perform its functions normally.

Bodily disturbances can be caused by emotional, chemical, or physical stress. This stress negatively affects brain function, which may result in organ dysfunction.  Medical experts now estimate that as much as 90% of all disease is caused by the body’s inability to cope with stress.

Zone Healing identifies which systems are being disrupted, and isolates corresponding points along the spine.  By adjusting these specific points, proper nerve flow is restored and normal function regained.

The Zone Technique offers a diagnostic process that enables the patient to know exactly what is happening in their body. The process begins by determining which of the brain centers is not sending the proper signals to its corresponding system. This is done through examination of specific points on the head, which are connected by nerves to the six brain centers. When a brain center is not in harmony with its system, all bodily material associated with that system suffers.

In order to correct the imbalance, specific points in the spinal cord are stimulated. This adjustment sends healing energy up the spinal cord to the brain centers. The brain centers then send out the correct signals to the body’s systems and the body is better equipped to heal itself.

Regaining balance in each of the body’s six systems is crucial to achieving overall health.

The 6 Zones or Systems of the body are:

Zone 1: Glandular System
Zone 2: Eliminative Zone
Zone 3: Nerve System
Zone 4: Digestive Zone
Zone 5: Muscular System
Zone 6: Circulatory System

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