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Treatment Philosophy

Dr. James Corregano’s treatment philosophy merges traditional chiropractic methods with Concept-Therapy Zone Healing techniques. When applied jointly, they empower the body to overcome the sickening effects of every conceivable stressor and work as it was intended to: to heal itself.

Zone Therapy identifies six systems, or zones, that account for all complaints: glandular eliminative, nervous, digestive, muscular, and circulatory. Using a sort of bio-feedback method, the Zone practitioner examines specific points on the patient’s head that correspond to the nerve connections of the six zones. Through this method, the patient can actually inform the physician where sensitivity exists, and the physician can determine a treatment plan based on that feedback.

Dr. Corregano’s practice features the space-certified Insight Subluxation Station, through which he is able to provide patients with a detailed measurement of the state of their central nervous system. This high-tech machine offers a tangible measurement of the sympathetic nervous system – responsible for the internal organs – and also measures nerve input as it passes through the muscle.

Dr. Corregano treats a range of conditions including digestive issues, sleep disorders, pain disorders, and injuries.

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  • Dr.
    James Corregano

    Dr. James Corregano is a chiropractic physician specializing in the Zone Healing Technique.

    He holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. During his time at Life University, Dr. Corregano also studied Chiropractic Principles and Zone Therapy at the Concept Therapy Institute, enabling him to truly bring patients to a state of ultimate health and wellness.

    Dr. Corregano’s interest in the healthcare field, and specifically chiropractic care, stemmed from his personal experiences with poor health due to a series of sports injuries and car accidents in his youth and early adulthood. It was through chiropractic care that he first achieved well-being. When, years later, Dr. Corregano again suffered from allergies to pollen and animal dander, back pain, and hair loss, he discovered the Zone Healing Technique, which helped him once again return to a state of good health without drugs or surgery. It was throughout his tenure at Life University that Dr. Corregano was further exposed to Zone Healing Techniques. The same chiropractor who treated him using the Zone Healing techniques became Dr. Corregano’s mentor, encouraging him as he studied the material covered at Life University, and also in the work of Concept Therapy.


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